Fire fighting First Aid Marine Off Shore Aeronautics (Helicopters)Industry
Fire First reponders (EPI) First-Aid Basic safety training* Helicopter
Escape Training*
Prevention/Protection H²S
Emergency response Team member (ESI)* First-Aid at Work* Basic Offshore Safety Training* Heli Deck
Prevention/Protection Hot Work Operation
Team leader* First-Aid Rescue Team*   Helicopter
Landing Officer*
Prevention/Protection Work in Enclosed Spaces Area
SBCA Advance Training* Cardiopulmonare y Resuscitation+ Automated Defibrilator External (AED)     Prevention/Protection Chemical Risks
Hydrocarbons Fire fighting Advance Training* Height and Excavation Rescue   Roll-gliss
Fire fighting Approach Suit Stretcher in hard Environment    

For the trainings marked with an asterisk (*), every single trainee will have to take an exam. It implies that they can also fail.