Luc PASQUIO - General Manager

¤Crisis management (Universités de Haute Alsace & de Corse, GESIP)
¤INSSI Technical Cycle, fire explosion (CNNP)
¤Fire Response Team Leader (GESIP-CNPP)
¤Specialized hydrocarbon fires, gas and merchant marine
¤Helicopter landing Officer (OPITO)
¤National First Aid Monitor, SST / PHTLS trainer
¤Diver (IIIA)


Jocelyn COROMPT- Training Manager

¤Ex Fire Brigade Superintendant Nouvelle Calédonie
¤Ex Instructor Sécurité Civile Nouvelle Calédonie
¤Rope rescue specialist
¤Aeronautic specialist Sécurité Civile - Helicopter Landing Officer
¤First aid instructor
¤Merchant Marine advanced fire fighting
¤Diver Master


Thierry Messe M´ONDO - Assistant Training Manager

¤ Ex Team Leader, Total Industrial Fire Brigade
¤ 1st aid instructor - 1st aid at work
¤ Helicopter Landing Officer
¤ Emergency Response Team Leader

Achille IBIATSI - QHSE Manager

¤QHSE engineer – Responsable certification ISO/OSHAS
¤Emergency Response Team Leader
¤Helicopter Landing Officer
¤1st aid instructor - 1st aid at work

Claudel MOUNGUENGUI - Trainer

¤ Former Firefighter SHELL Gamba/Rabi, Diver
¤ Helicopter landing Officer
¤ Fire team leader
¤ Insulating Respiratory Device Trainer(CNPP)
¤ Helideck Firefighter

Ronan APPERE - Technical Manager

¤ Former Shipboard Firefighter in French Navy
¤ Specialist in marine firefighting and Helicopter crash & rescue
¤ Helicopter landing Officer
¤ French Navy Diver
¤ Naval enginer

Paméla MBINA - Training Secretary

¤International Operation Management Licence